Who Is JP ??

Who Is JP??

JP a.k.a John Christopher Passananti has always been somewhat of a jingle guy, but quickly became a melody maker. It was the music of the mid ’80’s, listening to the works of Sting and U2, that inspired him to create and construct full compositions.

JP was born in Brooklyn in August of 1961. He moved to Fair Lawn, NJ in 1987 where he currently resides with his wife, daughter and Siberian husky. This is also where he established “Scratch Pad Studio”, the place in which this collection of recordings were written and recorded.

Many great musicians made these recordings possible, and JP is still indebted to all of them (names are listed in the sheets). JP earned full lifetime membership as ASCAP and has been featured in the works of other musical artists. JP has stepped away from music for the past few years, but is now returning and feels the best is yet to come.

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